Atlas Valley Purveyors
Boulder County's only family general store.



Most beers are made to be enjoyed as fresh as possible. Regular 6 packs of brown ales, Pilsner lagers, and IPAs should be consumed within 6 to 12 months of production. Other beers are made to be cellared for years and enjoyed with family and friends for special occasions. Some beers are Vintage dated like a fine wine, others have suggested a date in the distant future the beer should be held until, but most beers simply have a production date printed on the label which allows you to know how old your beer is when you do choose to open the bottle.

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Sour Beers

Before the advent of microbiology, when people did not yet know what was actually fermenting their beer, all beer was sour. Brewers would rely on a prayer and a breeze to bring propitious microbes into their breweries and would make beer with what arrived.

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