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The New "Milk"

Who knew there were so many options for milk?! We now have more options for all of our customers who have milk sensitivities or just don’t like it.

Just in is a new non dairy milk alternative. OATLY Milk! The product Oatly originated in Sweden and has produced different varieties of “Oat Milk” products for over 20 years.

We now carry the Original and Chocolate “Milk” versions. It is gluten and GMO free as well as Kosher. It’s the perfect “milk” for those seeking a vegan drink.

It has a sweet taste, without any added sugar and has nutritional value with added vitamins and minerals.

Another product just in…You have been asking for a lactose free milk, now we have it, with choices!

Fairlife Milk is an ultra-filtered lactose free milk. 

We now carry whole, 2% and chocolate!

Fairlife isn’t just lactose free, it has 50% less sugar, 13 grams of protein and no artificial growth hormones!

Come in and try this wonderful lactose free real milk!