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Bitters, Bitters, Who’s got the Bitters?

Bitters were developed as early as 2000BC as simple infusions of bitter medicinal herbs in wines or meads. When distillation was invented in the 13th century doctors began using pure alcohol as a more potent extraction solvent for medicines. Modern bitters fall largely into two categories, digestive bitter liqueurs which are meant to be consumed on their own and cocktail bitters which are more concentrated than digestives and would not likely be enjoyed without combination into a more diluted product like a Manhattan.

Here at Atlas Valley we have always offered a diverse selection of digestive bitter liqueurs and always welcome additional suggestions. Our current favorites are Cynar, Aperol and Leopolds Fernet.

We recently decided that our cocktail bitter selections needed expansion and we have more than quintupled the diversity of the category in stock. We still have the standards; your Sazerac will still be made with Peychaud’s and we will always have Boker’s for all of Jerry Thomas’ recipes. We have expanded into both more modern examples and more classic products. We are working with the Dram Apothecary and Strongwater from Colorado and stock their incredibly delicious potions. We have searched Nationally for the best bitters available, Bitter Cube from Wisconsin, Hella Bitters from New York, The Bitter Housewife from Oregon and the Bitters Lab from Utah are all now available. Our search did not stop at international boundaries, rejuvenate your pisco sour with the Amargo Cuncho from Lima, reinvigorate your nightlife with the Aphrodite Bitters from Aberdeen, or experience the Bitter Truth from Pullach, Germany.

Join us at Atlas Valley to begin your global journey of flavor with the best and choicest ingredients for the most exciting cocktails you’ve ever made at home. Perhaps begin with the Merchant Quarter - 1oz Rye, 1oz Aged Rum, 1oz Cocchi Torino Vermouth, 2 Dashes Absinthe and 3 dashes Aphrodite Bitters. Cheers!