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Glutenberg - Gluten Free APA/IPA/Blonde Ale Review


AVP presents Glutenberg's Gluten-Free Pale Ale, Blonde Ale, and IPA!

These easy drinking, celiac-friendly brews leave nothing wanting for the gluten-sensitive craft beer seeker.
With an impressive body and robust bitter bite, the IPA boasts the classic piney, citrus notes hop fiends crave.
The Pale Ale dials back the hops to reveal the millet & buckwheat backbone of this beer, and lets the candy syrup and Demerara sugar shine through.
The Blonde Ale delivers a crisp punch, and will satisfy anyone looking for a lighter gluten-free option without sacrificing flavor.

These beers are available for a limited time only in a 4pack of 16oz cans for only $10.99!