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5 Awesome Aged Rums

Original Content by Bryce

Appleton 21 Year

Savored neat in a snifter, this rum is a delightful Jamaican luxury. Powerful body, yet with delicate citrus, spice, and woody notes. Discover mellow orange peel, deep vanilla, rich nutmeg, warm coffee, and cocoa tones deep in the array of flavors acquired through 21 years of careful aging. A drier example of aged rums that have a hint of brown sugar on the finish without being cloying. $120 

Parce 8 Year

A rare Columbian rum, every drop aged a full 8 years. This playful bright offering has an exquisite aroma of cherries and candied fruit, the palate has a light vanilla sweetness along with notes of almonds and toasted coconut. The finish is accented by a subtle oakiness and more hints of cherries, dark chocolate, whipped cream and baking spices. $39.99

Neisson Reserve Speciale

Perfect on ice or neat, this fine Rhum Agricole from the beautiful island of Martinique is made using the first runnings of freshly pressed sugar cane. It is first aged in limousin casks, then finished in oak barrels which previously held Kentucky Bourbon. The aroma is a flourish of dried fruits and marmalade while the palate holds vanilla and demerara sugar. Among the most highly regarded rhums of the French speaking Caribbean. $66.99

Ron Certavio XO

This Peruvian rum is aged 18 Years in a solera system of American, French and Slovenian oak. Its deep mahogany color reflects its depth of flavor. The aroma is complex and sophisticated, simultaneously strong and sweet, beautifully assembled intense aromas of spices, nuts, vanilla and chocolate. The flavors are very smooth and confirm the excellence of what is perceived on the smell; extraordinary texture and a lasting very persistent finish. $64.99

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

An amber hued rum from Venezuela, Reserva Exclusiva is aged in small oak casks for up to 12 years which imparts fantastic body and balance. The nose is complex and characterful, with notes of maple syrup, orange peel, brown sugar and liquorice. Sweet toffee fudge hints on the palate with a seductive and elegant finish. Try in a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned in place of whiskey. $39.99

Casey Cohagen