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5 Underappreciated Bourbons

Original Content by Bryce

Wathens Single Barrel

Ever since Elmer T Lee went missing I have been searching for a suitable replacement for my daily drinker. Wathens has taken that spot with its soft citrus, gentle marmalade, and spicy finish. Best enjoyed straight up or on the rocks. $42.99 – Single Barrel, hand labeled.

Bernheim Wheat

The most unique of the lineup, Bernheim Wheat is a soft whiskey with a bright wheat front to the palate. The answer to Rittenhouse fatigue has appeared! Prepare for vanilla and honey, enjoy with lemonade on the porch. $31.99 – 7yr aged, >51% Wheat mashbill

McKenna 10 Year

This high rye bourbon gives a peppery pinch on a spicy nose. A real sleeper from the Heaven Hill distillery. Enjoy with maraschino or an Old Fashioned in a rocks glass. $32.99 - Bottled in Bond, Single Barrel

Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration

A collaboration between master distiller Trey Zoeller and Chef Edward Lee of Louisville, KY designed to complement spicy food and bold modern cuisine. A blend of Jefferson’s Rye and Straight Bourbons, this whiskey has a hot rye kick with a smooth vanilla sweetness. $42.99 – Limited Edition

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

The Tuthilltown spirits company is one of only three distilleries using all 4 grains native to the USA. Hudson four grain is a delightful whiskey reminiscent of pralines and vanilla that combines the softness of wheat, the spice of rye, the sweetness of corn and the body of malted barley. Enjoy this American classic straight. $44.99 - 375mL